How a legacy gift could help

Poppyscotland reaches more veterans living in Scotland than any other charity. Your Legacy gift will allow us to help veterans where the need is most urgent. You can help us to ensure the Armed Forces community and their families in Scotland are always provided with the very best care, advice and support they deserve.

  • £500 could provide food and shelter for a month for a homeless veteran.
  • £1000 could provide assistance with the retraining of an unemployed veteran.
  • £15,000 could help fund groundbreaking research into veterans’ support in Scotland.
  • £25,000 could provide a dedicated advice worker for veterans.
  • £50,000 could provide specialised care/nurse for injured veterans.
  • £100,000 could provide lifelong housing for a disabled veteran.

£500 could provide food and shelter for a month for a homeless veteran.
David is a veteran and is homeless. He lives rough and begs for food. The pressures of life outside the Services were too overwhelming for him to cope and slowly he fell into a downward spiral. Veterans in Scotland are 10% more likely to become homeless than anywhere else in the UK. It is a tragedy that any man or woman who has given everything to serve their country should be left sleeping rough and begging for food. Your gift could ensure veterans like David get a proper meal for a whole month. It could be the first step to getting their lives back on track.

£1,000 could provide assistance with the retraining of an unemployed veteran.
Michelle left the Army nine months ago and has been unemployed for the last six. She joined when she was 18 and served for five years, including a tour of operational duty in Iraq. She has a wealth of skills to offer employers and an outstanding work ethic. However she is frequently overlooked for jobs because of a lack of any sector-specific training. For some veterans, like Michelle, long periods of unemployment can follow their departure from the Services and yet a short course or certificate qualification is all that is holding them back. Your gift could give a veteran like Michelle the opportunity to return to college and allow him or her to gain both self-confidence and employment through retraining.

£15,000 could help fund groundbreaking research into veterans’ support in Scotland.
Recent research by Poppyscotland has shown that veterans in Scotland face difficulty in areas of health, welfare, finances and unemployment. One in ten veterans in Scotland currently have a long-term mental health problem, such as depression, anxiety or PTSD. A recent employment survey showed that 47% of veterans with an illness or injury are out of work. A gift in your Will could help fund essential research to help us identify the need and improve life for veterans in Scotland.

£25,000 could provide a dedicated advice worker for veterans.
Andy’s life is falling apart around him. Since returning home and leaving the Services Andy is angry most days and feels alone. He has frequently found himself lashing out at his wife and two small children, something he never would have done before. Recently, he has started to drink heavily. It’s the only thing Andy has found which numbs the feelings inside him. Leaving the shared values and support of the Forces and moving to civilian life can prove overwhelming for even the most capable Serviceman or woman. Debt, depression, relationship breakdown, addiction and PTSD are just some issues veterans can be left to face. Early assistance and intervention can stop these issues from ruining the lives of veterans and their families. Your gift could help ensure advice services are readily available to veterans like Andy at any point in their lives so they don’t have to face these issues alone.

£50,000 could provide specialised care/nurse for injured veterans.
Kevin survived a roadside bomb blast. Two of his friends were killed in the same blast. Kevin has been left blind and has lost a leg. Angela is his nurse in the rehabilitation ward.She is a specialist and has been helping injured Servicemen for the last two years. Recently Angela has been helping Kevin learn to walk with his new leg. The care and support of a specialist nurse is fundamental to Kevin’s recovery and rehabilitation. The physical, emotional and psychological needs of injured veterans are unique and complex. Your gift could ensure a highly trained nurse is there to provide veterans like Kevin with the very best level of care possible.

£100,000 could provide lifelong housing for a disabled veteran.
Robert is 32, married with two young children. He lost his right arm two years ago while serving in Afghanistan. Since being discharged from the Services he has struggled to adjust to both his disability and civilian life. Six months ago Robert faced eviction and homelessness with his family. However thanks to funding by Poppyscotland, Robert and his family were instead provided with permanent accommodation reserved especially for homeless, disabled veterans. Your gift could help fund the building and renovation of additional houses to ensure other disabled veterans like Robert and their families always have a place to call home.

Without planned gifts we will struggle to meet the ever-increasing demand for support to veterans and their families.

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